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How to Recover or Remove a Password in MS Office 2013 Easily?

2013-03-01 01:53:23 / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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You are in a hurry to use one Office document but being locked out of it for forgetting the password. You search here and there to solve your problem but still cannot find an effective way to get your Office 2013 password back.

In principle, there is no way to crack MS Office 2013 password but only by password recovery software otherwise you can't recover password anyway. Here I'd like to recommend you Office Password Recovery which has been proved to be one of the most trustworthy and effective Office 15 password recovery software. No matter what kind of password you forget (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, etc.), Office 2013 Password Recovery will help you crack Office 2013 password by providing online password remove service and offline advanced Office password recovery. Moreover, whether you are a novice or an old hand, you can use the MS Office 2013 Password Recovery without any efforts.

To help you get an idea of Office 2013 password remover, I would like to offer a very user-friendly-guide on how to recover or unlock a protected password in Office 2013 in details. Here are the steps of how to use the Office 2013 Password Recovery. Let's see how easy they are!

How to Use MS Office 2013 Password Recovery to unlock Office 2013 Password?

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Step 1: Prepare to Recover or Remove Office 2013 Password

Download and Install Office 2013 Password Recovery, Start to recover or remove Lost Office Password firstly by opening it. Then click "open" button to import the Office document you forget the password.

recover excel 2013 password

Step 2: Specify Recovery Mode of Office 2013 Password Cracker

As Office 2013 Password Recovery offers two password recovery modes: 100% instant document decryption (online password remove service) and Recover the password (offline advanced Office password recovery service), the following steps I will show you in two models.

Mode1. 100% instant document decryption of Office 2013 Password Breaker

  • 1. If you want to remove the password of Microsoft Office 2013 instantly, select the "100% instant document decryption" mode and click "Next" button on the main interface.

    crack excel 2013 password

  • 2. After you choose the mode, the "Decrypt document" button is shown on the main interface. Click it and wait a few seconds, it will remove Office 2013 password online successfully. And you can find the decrypted document the folder where your locked files located.

Mode2. Recover the Password by Office 2013 Password Recovery

  • 1. If you still remember some information of your password, use the "Recover the Password" mode to get your forgotten Office 15 Password. Click "next" button to proceed to next step.

    remove excel 2013 password

  • 2. Choose Attack Type of Office 2013 Password Tool and Set Its Parameters

    break excel 2013 password

    • Brute-Force with Mask: This option will help you to find the password by checking all characters one by one.
    • Brute-Force Attack: this type of attack will try all possible combinations for you to find out your lost MS Office 2013 password.
    • Dictionary: import the dictionary file if you have one, Office 2013 Password Cracker will help you get the right password from the dictionary.
  • 3. After select the most suitable type, click "Start" button to start Office 2013 password crack. After few minutes, a dialogue window is presented in front of you. Congratulations! Your Office 2013 password is found and displayed in the File Opening Password box.

It sounds quite easy, right? With this professional and effective Office Password Recovery, you can recover or remove your lost Office 2013 Password without any effort. If you are happen to forget your Office 2013 Password, why not give it a whirl?

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