Forgot Microsoft Word 2013 Open Password

Forgot Word 2013 Open Password, How to Recover it

Oct. 31, 2013 09:28 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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"I have a password to protect my Word document from accessing. However, unfortunately, after I away from my office for a long time to go business, I found the password didn't work. How to open a Word 2013 document even if forgot password?"


Most people like to choose a password to protect Word 2013 to secure it and prevent others from viewing or making changes to it. It is really a simple but effective means of protecting your sensitive data, especially when your computer is used in your office. But once if you forgot Word 2013 open password, you will get a lot of loss and you need to remove the protection password from your Word 2013 in a short time.

Actually you can open it with a valid password easily. But now you forgot password to open Word 2013 document, you have to choose a Word password recovery program to help you recover your Word 2013 file protection password to avoid data lost. Here recommends Word Password Recovery tool when you forgot Microsoft Word 2013 open file password.

How to Open A Word 2013 Document when You Forgot the Password?

Forgot MS Word 2013 open password and can't open Word 2013 file? Word Password Recovery is professional and simple to help you recover the open password with online service and offline service. You can acquire these two methods as below to solve the problem that you forgot Word 2013 document open password.

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  • Step 1. Download Word Password Recovery and import password-protection Word 2013 document.

    forgot word 2013 open password

Mode One: Recover Word 2013 Document with Online Service.

  • Step 2. Select "100% instant document decryption" and click "Next" to go on. Then click "Decrypt document" in the next interface to start remove password instantly.

    forgot ms word 2013 open password

    forgot password to open word 2013 document

  • Step 3. "The file decrypt successfully" have appeared to remind you of finishing decrypting the password-protection Word 2013 document.

Mode Two: Recover Word 2013 Document with Offline Service.

  • Step 2. Select "Recover the password" and click "Next".

    forgot word 2013 open password

  • Step 3. Select from three Attack Types according to your own situation.

    forgot ms word 2013 open password

  • Step 4. Start to recover Word 2013 password.

    forgot word 2013 document open password

Thus you have finished how to open a Word 2013 document when you forgot the password. Whenever forgot password to open Word 2013 password, use Word Password Recovery to recover it.

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