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"Can I Unlock Password Protected Rar Files without Password?"

Setting a password to important files is a quietly secure way to prevent privacy from being leaking. However, within a quite long time, forgotten password and non-access to files happens as the result of a lot of users may not open a WinRar at all. Hence many people may be wondering how to remove password from WinRar files and extract password protected rar file without password. Now keep on reading to learn how to remove password protection from a WinRAR and RAR file when you remember the password, or when you have totally forgotten the password.

How to Remove Rar Password without Software
How to Unlock Password Protected Rar Files without Password

How to Remove Rar Password without Software

Indeed a password-protect RAR files can be too much annoying sometimes. If you still remember the password, you can remove the password from files and create a new archive file without password. Below are the detailed steps:

1. Run the WinRAR software and right click on the RAR file that you want to remove its password. Click Extract To from the list circled with red.

remove winrar password

2. Click the RAR file's in the window that appears and click OK.

3. Type the password and click OK button again from the bottom of the next upcoming window. It will extract the archive's file into a folder in the same directory that RAR file is in.

 crack winrar password

4. Right click on a new foler and click Add to Archive, later click OK option in the window that appears. The files in the folder will be added to a RAR file.

Now you have successfully removed the password from RAR/WinRar files. This method can only be applied to unlock password protected rar files when you still remember the password. What if you have totally forgotten your WinRAR or RAR password? How to Unlock password protected WinRAR/RAR Files without password?

How to Unlock Password Protected Rar Files without Password

Option 1. Bypass RAR Password with RAR Password Recovery

SmartKey RAR Password Recovery is the professional and advanced software to bypass encrypted RAR/WinRAR flie.

You can see the video guide about how to do it as below.

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Option 2. RAR Password Bypass with Password Recovery Bundle

Apart from this, SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle, a multi-functional password recovery software, is also a powerful RAR password recovery tool. It does well in cracking password for all versions of WinRAR and RAR files (WinRAR 5.1/5.0 supported). Free install this WinRar password Cracker on PC and start dencrypting your WinRAR file password with several clicks.

1. Download and install the program on the computer. Run the program and click Recover File Password circled from the list.

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recover rar password

2. You will see a list that shows various microsoft office files. Click RAR Password Recovery to move on. Then click Open button to import locked file.

crack rar password

3. As you can see, there are two models to recover rar files password available. Select anyone and click Next to finish.

hack rar password

Now you can access a password-protect WinRar file without restriction. Hence now matter how complicated the password is, SmartKey RAR Password Recovery or Password Recovery Bundle can help you recover winrar files password and extract rar files without effort. In addition, the powerful Password Recovery Bundle, also can be applied to crack locked Word, Excel, PPT, PST, PDF, ZIP, ect. Any problems will be welcomed to leave it under the comment section. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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